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NOT EVERYTHING WE ANXIOUSLY LOOKING FOR COMES THE WAY AND SHAPE WE ANXIOUSLY EXPECT IT TO COME. √ What you may be looking for in someone can come from someone else you don’t expect . – So treat anyone that comes your way or meet both offline and online well because that person can be a channel to get what you looking for. √ What you looking for on hashtag#LinkedIn can come directly or indirectly through a connection or a link you may not expect. – So be open minded to all things such as hashtag#likes, hashtag#comments, hashtag#post, hashtag#articles, hashtag#website links and hashtag#videos and you can be connected to even someone who is not a member of LinkedIn and get what you anxiously looking for. ∆ I have gain a lot here I can’t write about through this principle or quote I share above so since LinkedIn is about sharing, I decide to share with all my connection. hashtag#Money_is_Not_Everything_and_Not_Everything_is_Money. √ What similar principle or quote do you have that can let someone expectations come through? Share with us on the comment below. Victoria DoxatDelia Rodrigues

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