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Engagements That Yield Results

√If You are Not In, Get Out. Don’t Be Shallow in Engaging on hashtag#linkedin. It Won’t Yield You Results if You are Shallow and Not Making Time to Engage with Your Connections. √ Although LinkedIn is accepted by most professionals as results oriented platform but I found that there is a problem with connections creating time to engage well to get results. √Problems Detected -People don’t take time to read other connection post, articles and videos well then they start asking out of contest and unnecessary questions. -People don’t take their time and patient to read through other connections profile well and they write emails and issue to you out of contest and far from one’s profession stated in ones profile. -People Only look at Pictures of a post being shared without patiently reading through the content attached to the post, article or video before commenting .So they send unnecessary questions and emails to that connection who shared the post. My Advice -Be patient and read through peoples profiles, post,article and videos well before engaging with good likes, comments and shares. Doing so will bring great results no matter how long you spend on LinkedIn.Thank you.

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