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Gold Industry in Ghana

#Gold industry in hashtag#Ghana have different sectors one as an end buyer,investor, financier,etc can look at to do business without even buying gold to be scammed or fraud. As gold price shoot up for sometime now,people are targeting buying gold at a cheaper price to sell to make huge profit overnight. But gold mining or trading does work that way at all. It is a gradual steady continuous process of business that make one rich when you deal with good experts, consultants, miners and gold buying agents who are morally genuine too . As you can see in the video below where I am offering a consultancy and prospecting on a fresh concession in order to start mining project. One can also do the following * Partnership with Large Scale Concession owners to fund their licences to completion because doing licenses like hashtag#Mining Lease and hashtag#EPA Permits are very expensive in Ghana. So most Concessions owners don’t have Mining lease and especially EPA Permit for miners to mine them. When one invest in such, you can get gold as low as 30% discount of LBMA or you can get gold %age from 3% to 5% of the gross gold mined from the concession.For such deal and more contact : Exploits Gold and Consult Com. Ltd on Email:

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