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Gold Lessons

Greatest lessons I have learnt as a professional in the hashtag#gold industry are as follows √Attitude – No Jealous and Envy √The Life of Wealthy People So I would love to share some secrets about hashtag#jealousy and hashtag#envyness. √Don’t ever jealous or envy anyone in life or your profession no matter the person’s position or wealth with the glamorous life you see the one in.Just be happy and move on with your life and profession. You will get where you want to be in life with time. √WHY? -Some people are living on some other people’s money. Some people are in heavy debts but living a glamorous life. Some people are in serious trouble or high expenditure on their budgets and have sleepless night but looks shining in front of others. – A True Story:A gold miner friend boasted to me of not working with investors or financiers funds when I made a suggestion to him to sell his hashtag#gold to hashtag#end sellers who can support him financially or equipment wise when he gets a financial bumping in the Industry. After some months later, I went to an end sellers friend’s office in Kumasi and got to found out that my miner friend and his brother are both owing my end seller friend US $20,000 at one his sub offices and have been arrested by the police.

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