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Gold Trading in Ghana

🌟Gold is real! 🌟Gold is available in Ghana! 🌟Gold is precious and expensive! 🙆‍♀️BUT the means some end buyers, investors and pre financiers search for it is the biggest problem that makes them to think gold is so cheap and easily to buy but they don’t get at all to buy and some are rather hashtag#scammed and hashtag#defrauded of their capital. ✍️Here are some Truth about Gold in Ghana: 1. Gold is very expensive and NOT cheaply sold by miners and royals families to agents, merchants and end seller. So don’t think you as an end buyer or investor can determine cheap prices like 20%, 15%, 10% and even 5% discount of LBMA price to end sellers. 2. Gold is a Hotcake commodity right from the grassroots where it is mined or got. So there are realistic ,talented and financially equipped foreign or local agents and end sellers in Ghana who made funds deposited at mining towns and cities to buy gold and export. So don’t think Gold is lying so cheap and common on the streets and in the Securities in Ghana. So as you can see in the pictures that I have shared ,my company has links to real gold and means for getting gold at the right price that is been sold in Ghana.

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