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TRAITS OF LIFE THAT CAN BE USED AS CHEQUE BOOK. >Tolerance >Patience >Volunteering One can use these traits to get great material stuffs in business world from other people even including hashtag#investors and hashtag#financiers. Tolerating some business associates when they even owe me a lot of money have made them brought my company long lasting huge foreign businesses. It’s good to be tolerant in life. Patient in life and business when you are even right is a great asset too that can be used as a cheque to acquire great things in business. A connection on hashtag#LinkedIn got an investor for me who I gave him a consultancy services in mining. There was a problem which was not my fault so the investors didn’t fully paid my charges and cut me off. I wanted to write a post about the connection and the investors too here on LinkedIn for all to judge but I was patient. Today the investor has seen his mistake and handed all the mining project into my hands. Its good to be PATIENT. hashtag#Money_Is_Not_Everything_and_Everything_Is_Not_Money I volunteered to investigate the pitfall and how bad the investor’s funds has been handle in that project through our company mining experts without charging for any fee. It is not everything that we have to make money to lead us.

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