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Principles of Money

Money! Money!Money! Much have been written and thought about money both in and out of school. But one mystery I have learnt, known and guide my self rigidly and consciously in my life and profession is MONEY IS ROUND AND GOES ROUND! If you lost some money through any means, that money have not vanished into space but have entered into another person’s hands in this life. So if you make some money through any means, that money is not new on earth but from another person’s hands which you must use well in your life. So when you have money or makes money in your profession, handle money well whiles you treat people well because someone too will have money or make money in another day since money goes round in life. So that if per adventure, money goes away from you because you didn’t treat it well the other person you treated well may give you money too to keep life going in this world. I share this post because of how some clients treated me when I offered them consultancy and brokerage services but they didn’t pay my commission and percentage on deals I cooked for them but today most of them needs my funds and deals for their business.

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