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As at today 14th August 2019, gold price per kg has fallen drastically in Ghana and I don’t understand why no media house or any business news is not airing about it online or in the news print. Therefore I take it upon myself as a hashtag#consultant to make gold buyers, exporters, end buyers, brokers and business developer to hear this news and truth about the real gold price now. From the pictures below 1kg gold at the world market is US $48,308 and US $1,502 per ounce but 1kg 23karat gold in Ghana today is trading around US $40,940 which is 11.5% discount of LBMA although the dollar rate to the cedi is stagnant. Due to this price drop, many miners, concession owners, merchants and gold buying agents refuse to sell their gold at the various gold mining areas. Most of these gold buying offices were short of funds to buy gold in all regions where gold is being mined in Ghana. The main reason why this price drop down came about was due to Ghana Government raid on illegal foreign gold buyers who are not operating with full Government required licences, documents and failure to pay taxes. So this call for more room for operating licensed and full taxes payment gold buying in Ghana now. From: Exploits Gold

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