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Our Story

To every big thing, there is a beginning. This is how we started.


Exploits Gold And Consult was created in 2015



The company was fully incorporated in 2006 to start full operations in mining.

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Since 2016, Exploits Gold and Consult Limited has engaged in several

mining projects within the corners of Ghana.

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Besides engaging in active mining operations,

Exploits Gold and Consult Limited has been providing consultancy

services for local and foreign investors,corporate and private agencies.

The spot-on recommendations provided for our clients have ensured high ROI.

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Professional Specialist

Brilliant Ideas

Good Concessions

24/7 Support

What We Offer

Small scale mining, Community mining concessions, Medium and large scale mining, geological surveys for alluvial mining.

We understand requirements

With over 10 years experience in the business, we understand investors requirements and what to do to maximize investments.

We work precisely

Understanding the requirements coupled with the right skills make us work precisely and purposeful. We work accordingly with the needed plan.

We deliver best output

The best part of every process is to see the best output. With Exploits Gold and Consult Limited, we deliver the best output in the industry. None compares.

We provide the best service in the industry

Our Expert Team

There is nothing so fulfilling in this gold industry than working with the right people. 

We have the genuine skillful men to help you secure your investments.

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